Created versatile amphibious aircraft

In the history of aviation has always been prevalent fantastic ideas. Bold statements futuristic aircraft usually never materialized. But when the legendary American engineer Burt Rutan presented the new project - he believed in the word. In his ‘72 he showed amphibian SkiGull - his personal plane, the dream of his life. Plane SkiGull deservedly can be one of the most versatile aircraft ever designed the entire history of aviation.
All designs are made of composites SkiGull. The aircraft is designed so that it can take off and land on virtually any surface, including the runways of asphalt, grass, rocky beaches, water, snow and even ice.
Ability to operate in seawater due to the fact that all of the aircraft structure made of composite materials, whereby the aircraft is very light and extremely strong.

Unique design of the aircraft. It consists of a wing on three pillars, which is located above the fuselage. This design allows the wing to be longer and thinner, making it more aerodynamic SkiGull and contributes to its long range.
Smart and robust chassis equipped with small wheels and retractable skis with hydraulic shock absorbers. Skis are designed for a smooth landing on the water surface, as well as to land on the grass, snow or ice. Wheels respectively for landing on a hard surface.
Managed by the unique aircraft on the water with the help of steering, which is placed in the rear.

7 January 2016

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