Those who publish Russian pilots who now runs hashtags and put svechechki …

“Dumps”. This is something that clearly read in his eyes, his lips tightly compressed in response to all this fuss hypocritical on the part of “our”.

We are ready to help in the fight against terrorism. What are you, idiots, you know? Catch Liquor and presenting them as the representatives of the security services? Dedication to fight the terrorists who are not committed any act of terrorism, with the moderators of groups in social networks? Or what is terrorism? From the right sector, exploding posts on the border with the Crimea?

Launch hashtags, put svechechki. And you, unfinished, at least one light a candle for those who have your PID *** kaya ideology ditched in these two years?

Or really think that this will cause a sweeping licking some other feelings besides sense of disgust and barely noticeable, without recourse to nod their heads in gratitude for the theater “compassion”?
As if on cue run record its universal sorrow to those who “first class.” I did not notice. I thought to myself, “fuck off!” and will continue to do their work.

And what about your media, which claimed that the fight against LIH - a struggle with the “Syrian people” who publish pilots who “did not notice” the statements of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry bastards about “revenge for the children and the elderly?” What now put black boxes? Tribulation?

And what about all those who have started to drag the country into “battalions”, the guys turned on the idea, nothing to do with Islam, no? They also depict the sorrow?

Dumps, this is not your world, you - dogs that run beside the cart and bark, hoping that they will notice and maybe take in a cart. Do not take it.

Hesitated. All have zadolbali. Wait a visa, fumbling there with his oligarchs who your rulyat depicting the fight against terrorism, growing frostbitten terrorists. A normal world will deal with the abnormal situation, which was caused by weak-willed politicians. But without you understand. Do not be distracted from its trough.

14 November 2015

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