The Baltic sprats in the Russian market have replaced the Crimean

Crimean fishermen in 2015 have worked well, said “Russian news service,” the head of the Federal Fisheries Agency Ilya Shestakov.

“We have increased the amount of the allowed catch for fishermen in Kaliningrad region [from September 1, 2015 sprat catches (sardines) increased by 13 thousand tons - up to 39 200 tonnes - approx. RDA]. We can see the growth of production in the Black Sea region, the Crimea Fishermen work very well and have worked successfully in this year. We have already produced 60 thousand tons in the Azov-Black Sea basin, although last year the figure for the whole year was only 40. Kaliningrad fishermen catch their full volume, so our companies are engaged sprat production, they are fully resourced, “- said Shestakov.

At the end of 2013 in the structure of imports from these countries accounted for 23% of the herring, 9% - for pilchards and sprats.

During eight months of 2015 the total volume of production of basic melkoseldevyh species of fish amounted to about 70 thousand tons, which is almost twice higher than the same period of 2014.

Catch of Pacific herring exceed last year’s figure by 7%, to 169,500 tons.

16 October 2015

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