The talks in Berlin: no alternative to the Minsk Agreement

Minsk agreemen[t:tag slug=soglashenie]agreement are not fully implemented, but now there is no alternative to them - these are the main results of the talks, Angela Merkel, Hollande and Petro Poroshenko in Berlin. With the Russian president meeting participants were contacted by telephone. It has something to negotiate?

In previous visits to Berlin with Petro Poroshenko sure Angela Merkel welcomed the audience gathered at the fence Bundeskanzlerei: turn, will wave. At this time, apparently, I realized that it is better not to look back. And during the press conference he was neulybchiv - a person is not gone tense expression.
The time it takes something vigorously shake from his jacket.

Communication with the press was swift, as the negotiations themselves: to half full or, if you like, half-empty glasses nobody touched - it became clear that for a serious conversation on the Ukrainian issue three of them someone lacking. Merkel so soon and said: that the summit should not be considered as an alternative to the format of the Norman, and both her colleagues with her, in turn, agreed.

We talked about the Donbass (the cease-fire - the first thing you need to return, said Merkel), about the difficulties in the work of the OSCE mission and the political settlement process, which is supposed to give some territories Donetsk and Luhansk regions a special status through constitutional reform. In the Donbas is necessary to hold the elections, said Hollande.

Upon hearing the word “election”, Poroshenko hastened to announce that a vote scheduled in the Donbass October 17 - it is a fake, which meant only one conclusion: the results of this vote Kiev does not recognize. But the conditions under which the recognition would be possible, remain unclear, and there is no doubt that all will become clear, because the current Ukrainian authorities to dodge the direct contact with the Donbas, which could determine these conditions.

But difficult issues on the eve of colleagues Poroshenko did not ask - after all he was a holiday. But please, lose popularity of the president, something more substantial oral greetings, too, failed. Poroshenko somehow crumpled mentioned the fact that Ukraine carries out reforms necessary for the abolition of visas, and Merkel Hollande generally silent about the visa. And then left without paying attention to the flags, which had always stopped to take a picture.

On the results of these brief talks Angela Merkel informs Vladimir Putin - as it said on the phone or in person. This means that the summit in Normandy format, chances are assessing the conduct of which is now in all German newspapers can really take place.

25 August 2015

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