In Kiev transformer shed registered 120 companies

As a result of a tax audit in the Ukrainian capital was identified 168 addresses, each of which registered more than 50 companies, in fact there are.

Tax Service Kiev also found that in room 414 homes 9 rue Gnat Yura registered 878 legal entities. In this area of the premises is about 14 square meters. Thus, for each of the registered businesses in the room for about a half inches of personal space.

According to the taxation, more than 60 percent of registered under false addresses of the companies report to the Internal Revenue Service in the absence of entrepreneurial activity or do not report at all. False addresses are used to conduct several operations, after which the company either disappear or declare bankruptcy. About 30 percent of Kiev companies registered under false addresses are in the process of liquidation or being sought.

28 July 2008 | capital, company, company, contact, percentage, room, service, test, total

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