Saakashvili: With US weapons Ukraine army take the whole of Russia. The main thing - to undermine the first 50 Russian tanks

Former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that to capture “the whole of Russia,” Kievan troops not only enough American weapons. He said this in the “24″ on Ukrainian television.

“The major gaps in Ukraine - is outdated anti-tank weapons, but there is a new in the US, and if they give it, and Ukraine will undermine the first 50 Russian tanks, everything will be different.”, - Saakashvili said. “The spirit of Ukrainian soldiers - the best in the world if they are given the necessary knowledge, skills and weapons, and they will be able to capture the whole of Russia”, - said the former president.

He also said that the Georgian officers, “which was prepared by the Americans,” now not only prepare themselves Ukrainian military, but also fighting on the side of Kiev and Ukraine “defending the democratic values ​​that the USA are the main.”

8 February 2016

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