Novak: Russia will not give loan to Ukraine for the purchase of gas in any form

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak said that from June 16, “Gazprom” has passed in prepaid mode and now supplies gas to Ukraine only in the amounts paid in advance.

SOCHI, October 3 - RIA Novosti. Russia does not consider the possibility of providing credit to Ukraine gas purchases this winter in any form, including advances to transit gas to Europe, told reporters Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak.

In the winter the gas package that Ukraine, Russia and the EC initialed in Brussels on 25 September stipulated the purchase of “Naftogaz” from “Gazprom” only 2 billion cubic meters of gas at $ 500 million loan raised with the help of the European Commission. The Russian side warns of impending anomalous cold and said that “Naftogaz” still need about 5-7 billion cubic meters of gas without Russian gas Ukraine will not do.

“These issues are not discussed here. As you know, from June 16,” Gazprom “has passed in the mode of advance payment in full accordance with the current contract and now, given the situation,” Gazprom “supply gas only in the prepaid amounts. Neither of which lending or advancing of purchases no question, “- said Novak, answering the question, is not considered whether the allocation of Ukraine loan funds from the Russian Federation or of” Gazprom “for the purchase of Russian gas.

The minister also responded negatively to the question whether there can be used the mechanism of advance payments “Gazprom”, “Naftogaz” at the expense of the future transit of gas through Ukraine to Europe. “Since the parties are in court (the Stockholm arbitration - Ed.), Including the transit agreement, this issue is also not considered.”

3 October 2015

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