In Kiev, started flying public transportation

Instead, the engine - propeller, instead of wheels - a parachute. In Kiev, a new form of transport - paratrayk. Now passengers are not terrible traffic jams in the capital. They easily can fly all the plugs.
Vitaliy Zorin April Fools joke arranged to Kiev and guests.

Creative specialist in new impressions of Quest Event Network Vitaly Zorin gave April Fools joke for the people of Kiev and guests stolitsy.Na one of the stops of public transport in the ENEA expert on new experiences announced that due to traffic jams in the trolley ride that day will not be . As an alternative, Vitaly Zorin invited passengers to use the movement of a route paratrayke. When a cart with a wing actually drove up to a stop, the reaction of people was very different - from elation to fear. But thanks to the author born actor draw people to believe in what is happening. Those wishing to drive a couple of stops at such an unusual public transportation was sufficient, including even my grandmother with her granddaughter. Excitement at the stop watch from afar the inspectors, but apparently decided not to get into the frame of the five national channels of television cameras that filmed this rally.

“The scientist Robert Provine observed that only 15% of laughter is related to the jokes. We believe that this figure should be increased. Our April Fools joke - a gift from the company throughout the city Quest Event Network”, - said Vitaly Zorin live Ukrainian Radio, congratulating the country Happy laughter.

3 April 2012

In Ukraine, are going to legalize payment for participation in meetings
Minister of Culture of Ukraine dismissed the director of the museum, which claims the theft of paintings in the Cabinet

• Railways and Ukrainian railway run high-speed trains between Moscow and Kiev »»»
Russia and Ukraine agreed on the development of international passenger traffic.
• At the high-speed train from Moscow to Kiev, Moscow and Kiev and Moscow-Adler will deliver the Russian electric VC-20 »»»
RZD and Ukrainian railway company “uz” agreed to develop a high-speed passenger service between the countries.
• The Russian-Ukrainian aircraft An-158 received a certificate of IAC »»»
KIEV, February 28 - RIA Novosti. Passenger aircraft An-158 completed the certification, which allows these liners as standard.
• Ukrainian Carriers exempted from licensing »»»
President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych signed a law that eliminates the need to obtain a license to transport passengers and cargo.
• Groisman proposed a ban on divorce Ukraine »»»
Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman proposed a ban on the country's divorce.