And once again shines the head Golopristanskoy RGA

June 6. The traditional conference call, prolonged the day at 2:00. All are looking forward to graduation. But the chairman of the administration of our district Golopristanskogo Alexei Morev must again remind ourselves. Therefore, at the end of the meeting has traditionally taken the floor.

At this time it went on the scope of the resort business. In the region of 80 companies operating in this area, but almost all of them registered outside the district,

7 June 2011

Land and Sea. Grandma and Lepesy.
Action “Happy Birthday, Shakhtar! from TM Sarmat and the Bureau of Marketing Science!

• In Kiev transformer shed registered 120 companies »»»
As a result of a tax audit in the Ukrainian capital was identified 168 addresses, each of which registered more than 50 companies, in fact there are.
• In Zaporozhye were Ukrainian-German co-meeting »»»
Yesterday in Kiev held a meeting of representatives of Ukrainian and German business.
• EU offers to grow at Chernobyl rape or make bricks »»»
The EU has developed a socio-economic development strategy of the Chernobyl region and the exclusion zone.
• AMC offers UMC and Kyivstar clean up fee »»»
Such a decision, the Committee adopted at its meeting. According to Committee Chairman Alexey Kostuseva, in certain categories of subscribers of these operators up fee, and operators such as “Ukrainian Radio Systems” and “Astelit pay for it is not charged.
• Balashovets who went to Lugansk volunteer drove a wound to his head, to deliver a dead comrade to militias (daughter of Igor Efimov told about the true causes of his father traveled to Ukraine) »»»
I will definitely return - a promise given to his daughter Igor Efimov at the last telephone conversation.