Putin has not received the consent of Kiev to join the Customs Union

Yanukovych declare the this position: Ukraine integrated into the European Union[/t[t:tag slug=soyuz]Union, the customs union does not come, and will adhere to the stated formula 3 +1.

13 April 2011

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• Ukraine offered to choose between the Customs Union and Europe. Putin is not a little frightened Europe with active promotion of the Customs Union. »»»
European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso on April 18 said that Ukraine will have to choose between joining the Customs Union and the creation of a free trade zone with the European Union.
• Hard Medvedev's statement alarmed Kiev (Ukrainian Prime Minister will have to balance between the two unions - the EU and TC) »»»
Strong statement of Dmitry Medvedev about the non-Ukrainian customs union, experts and politicians in Kiev, was seen as an impasse between the two countries.
• Ukrainian customs are going to do e "to eliminate the influence of human factor »»»
In Ukraine, the planned introduction of electronic customs, enabling many business entities to carry out customs procedures, without going outside his office.
• "The EU has no right to anything was to demand" (Marine Le Pen sure nothing Ukrainians expect "financial manna" after joining the European Union) »»»
"A year ago, half a million French people took to the streets against Francois Hollande.
• Peskov, Putin and Yanukovych in Sochi not talk about Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union »»»
Russian and Ukrainian presidents Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych at a meeting last Friday in Sochi not discussed the possibility of Ukraine joining the Customs Union.