Kravchuk said that Kiev should not be afraid of the special status of Donbass

If Kiev will continue to insist that will still win in the Donbass, the war is over, the ex-president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk. He also assured that the Minsk talks will not solve the conflict in the Donbass, but will help to solve the current issues.

KIEV, January 9 - RIA Novosti. Former Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk said that Kiev should consider the possibility of granting special status to the Donbas to cease hostilities.

Developed in February of last year the Minsk agreement on the settlement of the conflict (the “Minsk-2″), in particular, suggests that the Ukrainian authorities must conduct a direct dialogue with the representatives of the self-proclaimed DNI and LC, including local elections, to amend the Constitution of Ukraine changes involving decentralization and legislate a special status of Donbass.

“Do not be afraid of the special status of Donbass, and we are afraid … If the current situation where there is war, when not resolved the question of principle, we do not define the political and the international community have not decided on this in a broad, global perspective, when we are not have real guarantees … It is necessary to sit down and work very seriously. If we continue to insist that we will still win at the Donbass, there would not be the end of the war “, - Kravchuk said in an interview with” Channel Five “.

The ex-president also believes that the Minsk talks will not solve the conflict in the Donbass, and only help to solve current problems.

“How to end the war in the east … Minsk agreements will not solve this ever. Minsk Agreement solve the current issues: how to withdraw heavy weapons, how to carry out the exchange of prisoners as demine some areas - is the current issues of the ATO. A strategic question - how to recover Ukraine’s territorial integrity, how to restore its sovereignty over the entire territory - Minsk Agreement does not decide “- said Kravchuk.

The last conversation representatives of “Norman format” took place in late December. The leaders of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine, among other things, reaffirmed their commitment to the ceasefire regime in the Donbass region and agreed to extend the arrangements in Minsk in 2016.

Ukrainian authorities in April last year launched a military operation against the breakaway LC and DNR. According to the latest UN data, victims of the conflict began more than 8 thousand people. The settlement of the situation in the Donbass discussed, including during meetings in Minsk, the contact group, which since last September has adopted three documents governing the steps to de-escalate the conflict.

Since September 1, in the Donets Basin came into force on another truce. In late September, an agreement was signed on the challenge of arms caliber of less than 100 millimeters and tanks from the line of contact. This process was completed on November 12.

9 January 2016

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