Saakashvili wants to steal Odessa

Just recently, the irrepressible governor of Odessa made a number of loud statements on Ukrainian TV. In total, it came down to the standard raving about total reform of the political system of the country and advertising their proteges in the local elections.

But one particular thesis is still to focus. Miho expressed categorical condemnation of the intention of the Kiev authorities to give Odessa customs in the hands of foreign professional managers. And after such a speech rather quickly passed from words to deeds. Bear-Odessa instantly created a kind of “working group”, which under his leadership will be engaged in the vigilant selection of candidates for senior positions in the largest structure of the customs of the country.

In the hands of the journalists got the lists of this mysterious group, and immediately revealed glaring inconsistency with the current legislation of Ukraine. Of the 21 th “worker”, presented in a not very legitimacy of the document, not one is an expert on customs law. The only specialty, which is awarded to new recruits, it is “a volunteer in Ukraine,” and that’s not surprising, “volunteer of Georgia.” Saakashvili, true to tradition, again placing in key positions compatriots.

Thus, the southern stronghold of the country’s customs system smoothly and naturally comes under the direct control of the Georgian jovial and part of a state criminal who is at home waiting for a considerable period.

The right people will choose the right people, and Bear expand its chocolate tray to the size of the pool, and would start to cut the loot only the glory of a loved one by sending out as a former classmate Poroshenko and American sponsors.

Failed Ukrainian Prime smelled gold mine and now it will be very difficult to stop. If all goes according to the Georgian scenario, it will be soon possible to observe the creation of a new state within a state. Peter even be able to do anything - the whole state apparatus has too little foreign, and is ready for another team to take the oath.

17 November 2015

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