Majlis prepares nuclear collapse (blockade of Crimea is fraught with man-made disaster)

Explosions of power transmission lines (PTL) in the Kherson region on the border with the Crimea continues: over the past two days have been three attempts to undermine the pylon leading to Dzhankoi. Concrete support stood, and the company “Ukrenergo” announced that electricity is supplied to the Crimea “on schedule and without any restrictions,” despite the machinations of “unknown persons”.

Moreover, as the police report, criminals were trying to undermine the power line using the converted 82-millimeter mines that could come except from the “zone of TAU”, with which the participants of the blockade long association. And the deputy chief of the Internal Affairs, Kherson region Ilya Kiva itself was once a high-ranking functionary of the “Right Sector” and fighter punitive battalion. Probably so senseless blockade has not yet been completed, and its members have already afford the attacks. However, be honest in undermining the power lines for some reason they can not, and dump the blame on … Tatars living in the Crimea. But perhaps it is done payment - without talking about the “Russian repression against the Tatars’ Mejlis losing its appeal in the eyes of” investors. ” Chicks nest Mustafa Cemil clearly lacks the halo of the martyrs and the enemies of Russia, which already has the “Right Sector”.

However, far more dangerous than that mental problems hungry “activists” Majlis may lead to disaster on a planetary scale. According to officially unconfirmed information circulated in the networks of Zaporozhye nuclear power plant workers, giving the Crimea light, night power lines caused explosions involving all hands at all emergency station. The fact that the abrupt shutdown of the consumer, because of the technical specificity of nuclear power plants, can lead to an emergency situation and in the worst case - a disaster comparable to Chernobyl or Fukushima. Unfortunately, there is no blocking Peninsula physicists and engineers. Energy understands that the blockade will soon lose its meaning: in the Kerch Strait is already working two Chinese ships that by December the first branch should pave the energy bridge, which will give daily 300-400 megawatts of power, and by the summer of next year, the need for energy Crimea - 850 megawatts - It will be covered in full.

Meanwhile it became apparent futility and “food blockade” of the Crimea. Yesterday Turkey started direct deliveries of fruit and vegetables in the Crimea at the sea, completely leaving farmers without a market south of Ukraine. And now many in Ukraine should be asked: “In the interests of the state acts Majlis?”

However, to ensure that “unknown persons” finally achieve their goal, no one can. And first of all the police, Kherson region, headed by a native of the banned in Russia “Right Sector” (SS). Perhaps the company “Ukrenergo” really does not know anything about the “unknown persons”, although not notice them hard: with calls to leave Crimea without electricity until it has earned an energy bridge between the peninsula and the Krasnodar region, calling the same people - the leaders of the so-called Crimean Tatar Mejlis militants “Right Sector” ……..

23 October 2015

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