Prodigal deputy returned to TV

Verkhovna Rada Alex Goncharenko, who was arrested on Sunday in Moscow, on Monday afternoon returned to Kiev and immediately removed harvest of Fame on Ukrainian television channels, comparing himself with battered and exhausted “prisoners of war”. Although the TV show audience nodded in agreement and applauded “the wrestler with the regime,” among his colleagues found callous people who doubted the veracity Goncharenko told tearjerker.
Under the spotlights of the “Freedom of Speech” on ICTV channel Alex Goncharenko came shortly after landing in Boryspil light - only a T-shirt with a portrait of Boris Nemtsov and the inscription in Ukrainian “Heroes do not die.” He took off his camouflage jacket and a pair of divers, which was detained and that a year ago were fighting rebels form “Euromaidan.” Bruises, bruises, no traces of torture on the hands or on the face of the “stars” were not, but it is about them and colorfully described in detail.
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“I said that I had pain, demanded a doctor and a representative of the embassy. Even a prisoner of war give the doctor if it requires. They beat me whether fifteen, or twenty people, I do not remember” - a text with vehemence spoke recently “brutally beaten “but it is ruddy and energetic Ukrainian MP, threatening to sue the Moscow police. The decision of the country, because the video showing communication law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation with the Ukrainian deputy in the police department, “China Town”, completely refutes the words Goncharenko. This entry was snared shortly before the MP Dorval to the live broadcast in Ukraine.
Unfortunately, neither the master nor the interlocutors in the studio did not ask other details of his short visit to Moscow.
For example, where in the bag turned out Goncharenko package with six thousand dollars - and it almost annual salary of MPs at the current rate, as he has earned and what was going to spend this amount in the capital “of the aggressor.” Therefore, nothing prevented Goncharenko continue their stories about the “bloody regime” and “brutal beating”. However, some media still doubted his story. So, owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky channel “1 + 1″, one of the most anti-Russian, this time took very specific story about returning to Kiev Goncharenko. Was it a picture and peacefully sitting on a bench in the police department, “prisoners of war”, and return to him a pack of dollars and even unflattering comments from social networks, as well as the current Odessa “evromaydanovtsev”, which boils down to the fact that “those of his tricks are well known “.

4 March 2015

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