In Kiev, the police prevented the collision of the Orthodox and the supporters of “free love”

March 8 reinforced police patrols were concentrated in the center of the city to prevent the collision of Orthodox believers and supporters of “free love“.

The latter were represented by a number of feminist and leftist organizations, as well as students of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Their campaign, scheduled for March 8, was to be held under the theme “Church and State it’s time to live apart”.

In total there are gathered around 100 people - mostly young people an informal appearance, many people prefer to hide.

The demonstrators began to oppose the state’s gender policy, Ukraine - against the draft law on the introduction of fees for childlessness, a draft law banning the promotion of homosexuality, the draft law on the prohibition of artificial insemination for women after age 49, passed against the law to permit artificial insemination only to spouses and not for the unmarried and homosexual women.

Youth launched a poster “The Church, the state - hands off my body,” “Do not fear the wife her husband. Church, the state - enough to justify violence,” “Now and ever and ever - feminism,” “tax on childlessness = tax on the poor, “” Enough to regulate procreation - adjust their greed, “” For sex education, “” Under the kitchen - more books! “,” My body, my choice! “,” obscurantism not give seksprosvet! “” There’s all the patriarchates “.

The activists, feminists have argued that the attack on the sexual and reproductive rights, the tax on childlessness, the prohibition of women to make in vitro fertilization after 49 years, the threat to ban abortion, criminalization of homosexuality, clericalization education - it is just the beginning, which occur due to association with the government of the church. The deputies of the clergy and the appeal to Christian values, trying to establish control over the corporeality and sexuality, but a woman is considered as a resource for childbirth. Turning to family values, the Church justifies physical and sexual violence against women and promotes hatred of homosexual people. The participants called upon to hold a gay parade in Kiev in May 2012.

In contrast to the Orthodox faithful organized and conducted his campaign, which left more than five hundred in advance of normal men and women, some brought with them small children.

They unfurled banners: “Civil marriage - is the destruction of man and society”, “same-sex love is never,” “Homosexuality - the enemy of the family,” “Mom, Dad, I - a happy family,” “Homosexuality - the death of the nation! , “” Happy is he who is happy at home, “” True - because we love, “” Healthy Family - Healthy Society “.

The activists spread political newspapers and leaflets, brochures, booklets against homosexuality and same-sex love, for a healthy life free of distortions.

9 March 2012

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