Bulk share creative plans

Bulk Kiselev in an interview on Ukrainian TV channel Inter quite openly spoke about the future plans of the protest movement in Moscow.

1) Declares a “politician” and declared its readiness to be elected President of Russia.

2) revealed the complete absence of any program of development of Russia in case of coming to power Navalny.

3) The Navalny there is no contradiction with Zyuganov. Nothing wrong with that Zyuganov would be President because he “will work under significant pressure from the media and the liberal-democratic forces.”

What exactly repeats the U.S. Vice President Biden, who in March 2011 while on a visit to Russia, said in an address of the Communist Party:
“Did I, when I came to the 70s in the USSR, that someday I will support and wish you a Communist victory …”

4) It is stated about the rise in aggression and protest about the use of tents (failure to disperse) in Moscow.

5) Bulk demonstrates thorough knowledge of the organization of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and provides a direct analogy with what is happening in Russia today.

6) The Authority, including its power component has paralyzed the West on the principle of “schetokratii.”

7) stated that the policy of the 90s are gone.

8) Putin is a real change in the face of Medvedev and “decent people of the Putin government.”

15 February 2012

Navy in exchange for cheese (Ukraine needs to return the number of objects the Black Sea Fleet)
Ukrainian MP has demanded the arrest Putin

• Yanukovych arrives in Moscow as president of Ukraine in early March »»»
President Dmitry Medvedev on Saturday held a telephone conversation with an elected head of the Ukrainian state.
• Ukrainian oligarchs will be sponsored Medvedev, to prevent the return of Putin: Media »»»
“The biggest Ukrainian oligarchs can support the presidential campaign, Dmitry Medvedev, because they do not benefit the return of Vladimir Putin to the presidency of Russia.
• Ukrainian project "Putin - the best" ceased to exist. Ungrateful Russians do not want to assign the title of Hero of Russia's GDP »»»
Russians do not believe Putin’s great, do not want to assign him the title of Hero of Russia, and read a book about his exploits.
• Dmitry Medvedev will be driving a "Victory" »»»
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has decided to take part in the race.
• Medvedev and Yanukovych will open Transnistria. In Chisinau, fear lifting the economic blockade of the region »»»
During the visit of President Dmitry Medvedev in Ukraine on May 17-18, two heads of states make a joint statement on the Dniester.