Russia will have to find arguments to leave the Black Sea Fleet in Ukraine after 2017: building a base for him in Novorossiysk firmly behind schedule

Closed federal target program (FTP) “Creation of Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Russia in 2005-2020.” performed with the delays, officials told Ministry of Economic Development and the Government. FTP provides for the construction of the base in Novorossiysk. To move the fleet from the Crimea should be in 2017, when the contract ends his stay on the territory of Ukraine.

“To say what is behind [in the program] at the time, it is impossible”, - says the official Ministry of Economic Development. If the program is not correct, the probability that the base in Novorossiysk not appear, indeed high, says government official. There is an inventory continues to official Ministry of Economic Development: “Look all facilities - included in the program and those that are not included - they should have been built by private investors.” Because of the crisis, investors’ priorities have changed, regrets interlocutor “Vedomosti”: Now, these objects will probably need to be funded from the budget. The biggest problem with the dam, which was built on private money, they know the two official Ministry of Economic Development, without mentioning exactly who is building a pier.

Program Coordinator - Ministry of Defense, the cost of its budget - 20 billion rubles., Reported previously. In July last year, President Dmitry Medvedev in Novorossiysk said SpetsStroy mastered 2.2 billion rubles. According to the man from the Defense Ministry, in 2009-2010. funding cut by more than 1 billion rubles. Work on the construction of a breakwater are not as active as it could be due to traditionally low funding in the early years, he continues, work is SpetsStroy, about any private investors it is not known. Get the comments in the Defense Ministry and SpetsStroy failed.

11 March 2010

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• Russian Black Sea Fleet 228 years (Russia and Ukraine together celebrate Day of the Navy in Sevastopol) »»»
May 13, 1783, with stops in Ahtiarskuyu Bay squadron Azov flotilla under the command of Vice Admiral Fedota Klokacheva started 228-year history of the Black Sea Fleet.
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President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych announced a ten-year reform program in the country.
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In order to save budget in Ukraine will develop a package of open source software for government agencies.
• Moscow and Kiev were unable to finalize agreement on the Black Sea Fleet - Ukrainians do not want to return the Yalta lighthouse »»»
Despite the general warming of the Russian-Ukrainian relations remain unresolved a number of questions on the functioning of the Black Sea Fleet on Ukrainian territory.
• Defense Ministry has excluded from the state program of armaments AN-70 from Ukraine and will require 2.95 billion rubles loss on the draft military transport aircraft »»»
Russia's Defense Ministry has excluded military transport aircraft of the Russian-Ukrainian An-70 development of the state armaments program.