“The bullet of shit is not blind, now I give flowers, stones and tomorrow will fly to me.” Pilot-MP spoke harshly about what owes its popularity in Ukraine

- From the s ** t on the bullet is not blind. If I was not a, it would be nothing I could not get out. I understand that today I give flowers, and tomorrow I will be flying stones. I’m absolutely ready for anything. And what I do today because of the icon, and tomorrow demon - it does not surprise me - says Savchenko.

According to military personnel, she used to go through life easily, because it has nothing to lose. For the same reason Savchenko not feared for the life of soy.

- Do you know why I’m so easy to go through life? Because I have nothing to lose. I am free. I went to a fight. Because I have nothing to lose. It is difficult to lose the country. It is difficult not to defend his own, as an officer. But I do not fear for my life, - she added.

Earlier, Savchenko said that the Ukrainians do not need a president. According to People’s Deputy, she wants to create the country’s political system, which would be “giving people transparency and honesty”, no matter who is in power.

1 July 2016

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