Places occupied by Lithuanians emigrating workers from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova

While residents of Lithuania for more than a hearty slice of bread go abroad, their place in Lithuania occupied by foreigners. This trend is particularly felt in Klaipeda, where the number of work permits for foreigners is growing every year. It is predicted that this year will come to Klaipeda about 2,000 workers from abroad.

“To date, received more than 940 applications for work permits for foreigners Most already satisfied -. Issued a work permit valid for one year, or decisions for authorization to operate, valid for two years can be predicted that in this. year we will issue more than 2,000 work permits to foreigners, “- said the representative of Klaipeda territorial labor exchanges Egidijus Palyavichyus.

Last year in Klaipeda issued permits to foreigners in 1776, the year before - 1083, and, for example, in 2010 -. All 301. “We have almost reached pre-crisis level When the economy starts to grow, people are able to choose in which country to work and . get paid Lithuanians traveling to countries where wages are higher, and we come to the workers of those countries, where wages nmnogo lower than in Lithuania “, - said Palyavichyus.

This year, the largest number of employees - 658 - came from Ukraine, 136 people - from Belarus, 110 - from Moldova, a few workers from other countries. Last year, the main countries from which come to work, were the same. From Ukraine to Klaipeda arrived in 1046 people from Moldova - 175, from Belarus - 122. “Klaipeda - port, so dominated by representatives of the three professions who come from abroad This truck drivers, welders and assemblers hulls Businesses need skilled workers.. strength, and it becomes smaller in Lithuania as Lithuanians go to a country where they pay more for Lithuania If a resident who works trucker, 1000 or 1500 euros -. a little, then a lot of money Ukrainians “, - said Palyavichyus. Employers who want to employ foreigners in Lithuania, first of all, must inform about vacancies labor exchange. If in the past month the employee with the necessary qualifications is not permitted to employ a foreigner. The current year permit costs 121 euros and is valid for two years a decision - 28 euros. “Such specialists, who are now required, prepare and Lithuania, but often a specialist is needed urgently to employ a foreigner can be for a month, and prepare a good welder -.. Will take about six months Another reason -. That does not become greater in Lithuania people, business is growing, the demand for workers grows, so labor brought in from abroad, “- said Palyavichyus. Most of the foreigners working in Lithuania in Vilnius, Klaipeda and Siauliai.

19 May 2016

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