“No Dad, The Stepfather.” As Ukraine appreciated the St. George’s ribbon on the Pope (Pontiff threatened ban on entry to Ukraine and question his mental health)

“He had her put on the robe”

Pope Francis publicly pinned to his robe St. George ribbon, memory, stock symbol, which for over a decade held in Russia and other countries on the eve of the Victory Day.

St. George ribbon pontiff gave a State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Pavel Dorokhin, attended the general audience with the head of the Catholic Church in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican.

“I was put in a box for the guests of the first I think, not casually I told my father that in five days we have a great holiday -.. Victory Day, presented him with a commemorative medal for the 70th anniversary of Victory said that our people paid for it 26. millions of souls, asked the pope to be with our people and in solidarity to put St. George ribbon He had her put on a robe, and the conversation continued “, -. MP said RIA Novosti.

Also, the Russian MP said he gave the pontiff a copy of the Victory Banner and thanked for their solidarity with the Russian people.

Photo with Pope Francis, which is present on the attire St. George ribbon, immediately went around all the world’s media.

“Colorado” symbol

The gesture of the Pope, to show respect to the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, in most countries, was seen quietly. But not in Ukraine.

The Square relation to this symbol is extremely hostile. Since the beginning of the country’s civil war in the St. George’s ribbon has become the unofficial symbol of the opponents of the current regime.

In May 2014, instead of St. George ribbons in red poppy was introduced as the symbol of Victory, representing a copy of the symbol, once appeared in the UK. “St. George Ribbon is used as a symbol of the struggle against the Ukraine, like other Soviet symbols, Soviet myths about the Second World War, have been used to mobilize Ukrainians was therefore a good opportunity to offer something new, not Soviet, and European.”, - He explained the decision in 2015 the head of the Ukrainian Institute of national memory, Vladimir Vyatrovich.

In Ukraine, there was also an insulting name of St. George ribbons - “Colorado”. Accordingly, the opponents of the current regime in Kiev, anti-fascists, who are not considered a hero Stepan Bandera, became known as “Colorado”.

“With these ribbons aggressor came to our land”

Wearing a St. George ribbon in Ukraine today is a serious danger. Militants radical groups organize the hunt for those who are contrary to the official line is still in danger of going out on the street with St. George ribbons.

On the eve of Victory Day in 2016 the head of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser Zorian Shkiryak asked the participants of the events on 8-9 May not wear the ribbons. “I still would like people to remember that today the use of Ukrainian patriots St. George ribbon is unacceptable, because it is with these ribbons on our land came an aggressor,” - said in an interview Shkiryak channel “112 Ukraine”.

And, against the background of such an attitude to the ribbon comes the news from the Vatican that it carry valid for himself is not found anyone, and the Pope.

Piquant moments and it adds that the recently Ukrainian media reported that the pontiff expressed support for Ukraine. The head of the Catholic posted in his Instagram photo where he embraces the two girls with yellow and blue ribbons in their hands. Photos accompanying caption: “Tenderness: almost forgotten word, and what the world needs today, we all need.”

Ukrainian media, drawing attention to the tape “in the colors of Ukrainian flag”, he immediately placed an article that the head of the Catholics spoke in favor of Ukraine. Some even wrote that Pope Francis embraces two Ukrainians.

However, it soon became clear that the girl who embraced Francis, was a Mexican with Down syndrome, and blue-yellow ribbon is a symbol of the people suffering from this disease.

“Do not put on, and he was wearing!”

Of course, the fact that the Pope put on the St. George’s ribbon and paid tribute to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, does not mean that he has something against Ukraine.

But social media supporters of the current regime in Kiev hit the pontiff from all sides.

“Surrealism: commie ass ride on the ears, urging wear a ribbon, and pop surrender …”, - he complains of moral instability pontiff another.

“Do not put on, and he was wearing and he hardly understands what it is in the world today …!” - Soothes himself by, signed as Samson Samson.

“Forbid him to come to Ukraine”, - such an initiative made by several dozen residents of Ukrainian segment of the Internet.

Source: static1.repo.aif.ru

“Writing a decree - the Pope - lyustrirovat”

“Dad was too young to remember the communists persecuted priests to slaughter, to be shot,” - tear the veils citizen under the pseudonym “The money is not for everyone.”

“Dad hangs over even the sandwich, if you want to why he and Dad to love everyone and to bring peace.” - He says thoughtfully DEN MAN.

There were those who reacted to an event with humor: “After this incident, the Pope is not the Pope, and the stepfather.”

Remembered users and classical Soviet hero: “Looking for a native Russian person Stirlitz smiled tenderly and thought about two things: 1. it does not give the honor instead of a blessing and 2. where the party card was sewn into his robes?”.

“Writing a decree - the Pope - lyustrirovat”, - concludes Ksenia Yurchenko.

“You have not seen the guards!”

Some arguing that separate the Pope from the tape will not work, we decided to question herself.

“General Krasnov wore Ataman Shkuro Vlasov wore, the Don Cossacks, and the Nazis were now Pope hanged, let diarrhea.” - Started up in survey user under the name Dnieper.

“The Pope has become an imbecile, if the conditions of the occupation on the side of the occupiers” - cast doubt on mental health under the name Francis intellectual Mestny.

“And then Mauger photoshop …” - do not lose hope Dilla.

“We need an urgent plan for the Pope’s vestments embroidered, then tolerance will, as well - an understanding of the moment”, - Rat Hole building plans.

Perhaps it is best summed up the ensuing discussion, the user who wrote: “This you have not seen the father’s guards!” and attach the relevant photo.

Source: static1.repo.aif.ru

6 May 2016

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