A European diplomat: Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine resembles a criminal syndicate

Ukrainian prosecutors - the root of the corrupt system of the country, because of which it can not function properly, writes online edition EUobserver with reference to the European diplomat Kalman Mizsei, who led the EU mission to observe human rights in Kiev.

The publication notes that the problem of corruption in Ukraine has reached “monstrous proportions” over the past 25 years. In particular, we are talking about the former Prosecutor General Viktor Pshonka, who left Georgia after the events on the Maidan.

However, those people that have occupied the position of the Attorney General after the coup in the country - first Vitaly Yarema, then Viktor Shokin, continued to lead the department, which is more like a crime syndicate, not a law enforcement agency, said EUObserver.

As an example, it states that the Ukrainian media have published photos of the elite Yarema mansion on the land area of ​​10 thousand square meters. On his official salary of the public prosecutor could not afford to buy a house, the media continues.

The current Attorney General Shokin, in turn, tried to prevent the anti-corruption investigation in relation to their “clan” (after it was discovered that several of his relatives take prosecutorial position - ed).

“In Ukraine, still widespread raider grabs. For example, if a large Ukrainian company wants to buy assets of a competitor, it could turn to his friends in the prosecutor’s office and to make against a competitor brought a criminal case,” - gives the example of the functioning of this system, Kalman Mizsei .

5 September 2015

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