The Ukrainian army raccoons teach Sapper case

The demining of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, stationed in Kharkov, plans to teach explosives raccoons. This was on Monday, August 10, the agency reports with reference to the UNN telecast Ukrainian “Channel Five”.

In the spring of this year, part of the raccoon got nicknamed Hook - recaptured his hunting dogs. After treatment, the animal military dog ​​handlers picked him a couple - Alice raccoon.

For a pair of raccoons engineers built a special enclosure. Dog handlers said they expect their offspring to teach the animals to seek explosives.

In Eurasia, the so-called common raccoon. This beast of a nocturnal winter goes into hibernation. Very viability animal, rarely sick, actively protected from predators. He does not live more than 20 years.

In North America, raccoons are often kept at home as a tame animals. But his learning zoologists questioned. In nature, curious raccoon, aggressive and cunning.

10 August 2015

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