Cancelled attack aircraft (two aircraft Ukrainian Air Force tried to approach Donetsk)

According to reports, the two aircraft Ukrainian Air Force tried to get closer to Donetsk. APU still hopes to break the defense.

However, the defense of New Russia, whose effectiveness has been proven repeatedly throughout the punitive operation in the Donbas, again proved to be inadequate.

May 13 about 13:35 Ukrainian Su-25 tried to get through to Donetsk, but, according to the Ukrainian side, the stormtroopers were brought under control defense DNI.

Ukrainian pilots and ground-based air defense system of Ukraine received a signal that they are taken to the “scope” ,. Therefore it was decided to return to base.

Thus, the Ukrainian military could not use its advantage in aircraft and forced to use the only weapons for ground attack on the position of militia and defense of New Russia has once again proved that the security is armed citizens.

15 May 2015

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