Results of the meeting of Norman Quartet. Lavrov: purity Minsk arrangements in Berlin managed to defend

The main themes of the meeting of the foreign ministers’ Norman Quartet “(Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine) was the establishment of working groups, the Russian initiative on the challenge in the southeast of tanks and weapons caliber less than 100 mm and the need to end the economic blockade of Donbas. These aspects are reflected in the relevant statement issued following consultation, the head of Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.
Russian Foreign Minister stressed that it was possible to defend the purity of what the heads of the four states agreed to states in Minsk on 12 February. “The foreign ministers of Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine reaffirmed their commitment to the agreements that were reached in Minsk, said that it is necessary to fully implement the decisions of the ceasefire, withdrawal of heavy weapons,” - said the Russian minister.

Removal tanks

An important outcome of the negotiations was the decision to support the initiative on the challenge in the south-eastern Ukraine, tanks and weapons caliber of less than 100 mm. “We have also supported the proposals put forward in the framework of a special OSCE monitoring mission at the Russian-Ukrainian proactive role of the Joint Center for coordination and control (STSKK), in addition to those types of weapons that need to take under the Minsk agreements to consider, that in the same category and got weapons caliber less than 100 mm, and that these restrictions - the arrangements for disqualification - covered tanks, “- said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Lavrov said that the Russian side through their representatives in STSKK made such a proposal about six months ago. “What is now supported in this” Norman format, “I think it’s important achievement,” - he said.
However, the Minsk Agreement, Lavrov pointed out, should be performed not only in their military unit, but also in those where it comes to the political, economic and humanitarian issues. “It is wrong and harmful to the fact that the ongoing economic blockade of Donbas, are not paid social benefits, pensions - said Lavrov - In this paid special attention to the statement on behalf of the” Norman Quartet “at the ministerial level.”
Working groups
Most of the time during the meeting, the minister told reporters, took questions connected with the creation of working groups in accordance with the provisions of the Minsk agreements.

14 April 2015

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