First impressions of Euro-2012 guests from the Ukraine (Dos is not done, the doors do not close the toilets, around the ditches and trenches: The Swedes horrified by the conditions in Kiev)

“The representatives of Sweden, who are responsible for placing their fans at the campsite on the island Trukhanov in Kiev, are seriously concerned about the level of readiness of the project,” - said on his Facebook page the deputy of the Kyiv City Council Alexei Davydenko.
According to the deputy director of this Swedish company Niklas Halberg said in a letter to the director of KP “Pleso” Hold on to Paul. “The inspections, which take place on the island are concerned about the state of the project. He really could fail if we do not fix some things. Please correct them as soon as possible for my arrival on June 7,” - said Halberg. According to him, one of the problems - lack of readiness showers at the campsite: “They are not ready for 100%, and in some places not at all ready.” In addition, as noted, work on electrical wiring is not completed on one of the camping areas, and in the other two have not even begun. “The territories of the two areas not planned. I predict a big problem with placing visitors in these areas,” - emphasizes the Halberg. From a Davidenko said that the Swedes are waiting for other problems: “plywood and pallets for the legs, which are also used as bridges between the many wells. Doors in the toilets - do not close. Moats and trenches waiting for the Vikings, extreme around the perimeter of the camping” . The MP also publishes a number of photographs.

According to the Kyiv city administration, a tent camp is designed for 2000 929 tents and 294 trailers. Possible number of people - about 6500. Round the clock to keep order in the fan-camping on the island Trukhanov have 150 police officers, eight horse and six canine patrols. Swedes plan to place on Trukhanov from 7 to 10,000 fans who will pay for a place in the night of 20-25 dollars.

7 June 2012

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