Ukraine will buy gas from Germany

The State CompanyNaftogaz[t:tag slug=naftogaz-ukrainy]Naftogaz of Ukraine” signed an agreement on gas supplies from the German RWE Supply & Trading. This is stated in the official press release, “Naftogaz”. Earlier it was reported that Ukraine is negotiating the purchase of gas from Romania, Turkey and Germany. Gas supplies from Europe Kiev needs to reduce its dependence on contracts with Russia and to reduce the price of export fuel.

In a press release, “Naftogaz” emphasizes that the agreement with RWE Supply & Trading - a framework. This means that it does not involve binding supplies. It also does not stipulate specific terms of the potential performance of the contract. In addition, the message is not specified and the anticipated delivery.

In March, the chairman of the board, “Naftogaz Ukrainy” Eugene Bakulin stated that the company intends to buy in Europe to 10 billion cubic meters of gas per year, about one third of imported fuel. You can do this is by transferring part of the pipeline in the reverse mode of operation.

However, even if Ukraine manages to agree with European companies, many of which receive fuel from “Gazprom”, it does not lead to an automatic reduction in purchases from Russia. The fact that the gas contracts in 2009 provided for the principle of “take or pay”, implying significant penalties for arrears of fuel. In 2012, Ukraine has to buy from “Gazprom” about 33 billion cubic meters of gas.

In Ukraine, the second year trying to get “Gazprom” to renegotiate contracts in 2009 entered into by the former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. According to the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovich, the country annually overcharged for fuel $ 3.8 billion, compared with its neighbors.

11 May 2012

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• Ukraine is going to try to buy gas in Europe »»»
“Naftogaz” plans to sign with the German company RWE short-term contract for the supply to Ukraine through pipelines in Slovakia the gas purchased in Europe.
• Ukraine has significantly increased purchases of gas from Russia (the country's authorities have repeatedly stated its intention to reduce the amount of purchased raw materials) »»»
The current level of gas Ukraine corresponds to the annual volume of deliveries of 60 billion cubic meters.
• Naftogaz by Gazprom put at $ 2.5 billion for the unselected gas »»»
"Gazprom" on Tuesday sent a "Naftogaz Ukraine" to pay for gas by, unselected Ukrainian company in the third quarter of 2015 on the condition of "take-or-pay", said the Russian company.
• Ukraine increased two times the selection of imported gas »»»
According to CDU TEK, if with 5 to 17 January.
• Ukraine has made Russia to reduce gas prices to $ 220-230 »»»
Russia and Ukraine have agreed to reduce gas prices to $ 400 per 1000 cubic meters to 220-230 dollars per 1000 cubic meters of natural gas.