New Zealand could become the center ksenoturizma

Construction of the New Zealand Medical Center, specialized in the field of transplantation of pig pancreatic cells in patients with diabetes, can cause a surge “ksenotransplantatsionnogo” tourism (Xenotransplantation - transplanting animal tissue to man).

Several years ago, scientists found a way to significantly improve the condition of patients with difficult to control diabetes, the first type due to partial transplantation of pancreatic tissue of pigs. The essence of the new technology lies in the fact that hryushek donor extracted insulotsity - an area of ​​the pancreas that contain beta cells that produce insulin, human transplants. (The pig was chosen - the physiology of the animal closest to man.)

14 April 2011

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Ukrainian language has no future

• Ukrainian pathologists charged with stealing eyeballs »»»
Kyiv region prosecutor’s office referred to the court cases against three medical workers accused of unlawful seizure of the eyeballs in dead bodies, reported UkraNews.
• In Severodonetske someone threw in the lurch traveling zoo. (Poor animals are fed for a week, local residents, but the situation is close to critical) »»»
In the city of Severodonetsk Luhansk region on the outskirts of the city was found adrift traveling zoo, said the agency “UNIAN” in the National Ecological Center of Ukraine (NETSU).
• Ukrainian farmers to slaughter their pigs ban »»»
The Ukrainian government has banned farmers involved in the sale and procurement of meat, cut their own pigs grown in backyards for personal.
• Ukrainian scientists have diesel fuel from fat »»»
Ukrainian scientists have learned how to get diesel fuel from fats.
• Ukrainian oligarchs have decided to change cows pigs »»»
All because of - tough competition Oink oink-first … In the past five years among the Ukrainian oligarchs became fashionable to invest in livestock.