City A.M .: Reason Ukrainian troubles not Putin, and rampant corruption

The crisis in Ukraine, many experts accuse Russia, as well as in the war in Iraq - the IG, but this is only a consequence, but not the cause of the problems in these countries, writes City A.M. Even if Putin and the “Islamic State” will disappear from the face of the earth, the world in countries “that do not want to help themselves,” come.


When it comes to such complex crises, as conflicts in Ukraine and Iraq, they explain a convenient, but absolutely wrong way: if blame them two villain in the spirit of “James Bond”: Putin and the “Islamic State” *, writes British newspaper City AM However, this perception turns the situation on its head. “Putin and the IG - a disease & lt; … & gt; which feed the internal weaknesses of the two countries, however, the cause of the disorder is not in them.” - Says the author.
In the case of Iraq, the main reason, according to him - is the instability of the state, rooted in its history: the British, who owned the territory, joined in one country, three different people. Therefore, even if the IG and be eradicated, Iraq will not be able to exist as a real country and radicalism is not going anywhere. Out journalist only sees in the federalization of the state, which should correspond to ethnic and religious division of society.
As for Ukraine, “skillful and cynical master of the Kremlin made a smart risky political move”, and now the Ukrainian elite will never be able to unite, and Putin may simply freeze the conflict in the form in which it is now. So Ukraine will serve as a warning about what would happen if some other country of its sphere of influence will want to join the West.
When was overthrown by a protege of the Kremlin Viktor Yanukovych, Putin lost his beloved strategic framework for Ukraine - compliant satellite. However, it soon became clear that a prosperous and democratic Kiev, too, will not happen, the author writes. By building its strategy for Ukraine, Putin relied on the fact that the new authorities in Kiev will be the same corrupt and useless as the previous ones. “It was a risky political game based on the prevailing empirical data, and recent events have justified it.”
Ukrainian economy is on a “junk” level, its corrupt oligarchic elite is not willing or able to implement significant structural reforms. And without them, Putin may quietly coexist with Ukraine, as its own rule would not jeopardize any effective alternative embodiment of power.
“In both cases, no one doubts that the IG and Putin behaving like villains, but it is not the case. Instead, analysts have not been able to see why these countries were less prepared for the fact that they took advantage of, and that the epidemic of unsolvable problems, and not the presence in the world of aggressive forces, condemning them to a weakness at best and chaos - the worst, even if the IG and Putin this morning will disappear from the face of the earth “- says City AM Therefore, concludes the publication, it is not necessary “to support those countries that do not want to help themselves.”

4 May 2016

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