Rosselkhoznadzor may prohibit the import of pork from Ukraine because of swine fever

Rosselkhoznadzor is considering a ban on the import of Ukrainian pork to Russia. This was said on Monday the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

“Rosselkhoznadzor concerned about the spread of the virus African swine fever (ASF) in the border regions of Russia and Ukrainian epidemic which broke out at the plant,” Kalita “in the Kiev region,” - said the representative of the publishing department Alexey Alekseenko.

According to the National Meat Association (NMA), but in July it was revealed 12 cases of ASF in Ukraine. While Rosselkhoznadzor assesses the situation, he added Alekseenko.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine for the query “Sheets” have not responded. However, as the newspaper notes, “the share of import of pork from Ukraine scanty: 4000 tonnes from 372,500 tonnes in 2014 (Federal Customs Service), and in total Russian consumption on imports accounted for 13% (National Union of breeders).”

The newspaper reports that Russian pork producers also need to limit the supply of these products from Ukraine. July 20, they wrote a letter to the Minister of Agriculture Alexander Tkachev. The document was signed by the leaders of the National Union of Pig Producers (NSS), intangible assets, “Miratorg”, “Rusagro”, “Cherkizovo”, “Agro-Belogorye”, “Agropromkomplektatsii” and the group “Agroeko” (the authenticity of the copy of the letter that there is a “Vedomosti” confirmed the three signatories “).

“The domestic political situation and the continuing conflict in the east of Ukraine does not allow to be confident in the ability of government agencies to effectively deal with Ukraine ASF and monitor the movement of goods”, - the authors of the letter.

3 August 2015

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