Multinational inspection team verifiers began work on a settlement in the Donbas

Kiev. May 6th. Interfax-Ukraine - In eastern Ukraine, started a multinational inspection team of verifiers from Denmark, in which also includes representatives of Canada, Moldova and Poland, the press center of the Ukrainian military.
“The inspection team arrived to conduct verification activities under the Vienna Document 2011. Within two weeks of military delegation of experts will examine the socio-political situation in Ukraine and will contribute in the search for ways out of the crisis situation in the east of the country at the moment” - said in a public statement on Wednesday evening at the Press Centre in the social network Facebook.
The group began working with Kramatorsk (Donetsk region.). Follow-up inspections are determined according to the agreed plan in accordance with the situation that exists at the current time.
“The results of the activities the Danish group will make the appropriate report to be submitted to member states of the OSCE”, - the report says.
As the senior officer of the General Staff of Ukraine verification Colonel Vyacheslav Ponomarev, the purpose of this exercise is to demonstrate the openness of Ukraine and enabling foreign experts to get an objective picture of what is happening in the area of ​​military operation.
“Our foreign colleagues will be able to personally look at what is happening on the frontline and the adjacent territories,” - said V.Ponomarev.
“His example, we demonstrate openness and encourages the Russian Federation to carry out similar activities in its territory on the border with Ukraine sites. This was repeatedly stated in international negotiations and the various forums of the OSCE. In this way they will be able to convince the international community that they are not carried out no action for intensive combat training for offensive category, not concentrated military forces in their respective areas and the like “, - said the representative of the General Staff of Ukraine.

7 May 2015

In Ukraine, there was a film-investigation of the events of May 2
In Kiev, for the shooting of police officers arrested known neonatsistka Vita Zaveruha

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