“Do not give up and do not be afraid!” (Last letter Oleg Kalashnikov)

Former people’s deputy Oleg Kalashnikov today shot dead on the doorstep in Kiev.

Recently Kalashnikov threatened with physical violence for political views, in particular appeal to widely celebrate the 70th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. Also, he sent messages to the relevant threats.

In March, he wrote a letter to all the followers, “Do not give up and do not be afraid!”:

“The feat of our people in the Great Patriotic War and Memory, with which I live and millions of my countrymen, gives rise to a” current supermen “hatred and thirst for total destruction DISSENT … In my personal opinion - is Ordinary Fascism !!!

I understand that my threats of physical destruction are real enough, but I would never betray his great homeland and our suffering people of this!

I am the son of soldiers, I am an officer and defender of the Fatherland! Worthless to me to run and hide from the traitors and collaborators! This is probably my last fight, which will determine my life purpose!

And the fact that my words and my position caused a flurry of HATE and threats to physically eliminate me, there is absolute proof that they all really bad! Very poor in running the country, which in a state of collapse in the economy and the increasing turbulence in the social and political life is close to collapse, and very bad with the ideology of Nazism, which need blood and the war for the formation of hatred towards any dissent!

THEY us to fear and be afraid of a fair trial for war crimes, that no statute of limitations! I am sure that sticky fear and nightmares from the created terror in the country has to paralyze the hearts of those who made it their own hands. Well, for me, Oleg Kalashnikov, today - the last battle … And for all of you, for your friends, associates and colleagues I sing this song from my favorite movie “LIBERATION” …

Liberation, closer than ever and I am writing to you my dear friends and supporters! Do not give up and do not be afraid, do not betray their ideals of life for the sake of short-term benefits, do not believe the false propaganda of those who unleashed a bloody fratricidal war … That you and I have a media that glory to the victors, who gave us life and gave their lives in the years GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR for the liberation of humanity from fascism!

Rise from their knees! Get up in the structure of this! The vast majority of us! We are your masters in their own land, you and I are required to keep the country for our children and stop the rampant radicalism and extremism in Ukraine! I encourage each of you today to begin active preparation for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War! In addition we have with you in today’s Ukraine nobody is going to do and will not be! I believe in our common victory, I believe each of you, and I ask each of you to believe … and I will serve MOTHERLAND TOGETHER! ”

Yes. It was the last fight Oleg Kalashnikov. He gave his life for our collective memory, in our history, for Thrash

16 April 2015

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