Yanukovych tried to lure investors to Ukraine beauty of local women

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych tried an original way to increase the inflow of foreign investment into the country. Attract foreign investors to the president intends, seducing their beauty of Ukrainian women.

On Friday, Yanukovych made in the organized-known Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist Victor Pinchuk luncheon at the World Economic Forum.

The President talked about promokampanii “including Ukraine,” prepared for the European soccer championship in 2012, which will be held jointly with Poland.

In this case, Yanukovych could not pronounce the slogan promokampanii Ukraine, which is demonstrated by the world’s TV channels - including Ukraine, which in Ukrainian sounds “Uvіmkni Ukraїnu.

Yanukovych was reading his speech from notes. He talked about attracting foreign investment to Ukraine after he came to power. “This is evidenced by the growth of confidence in Ukraine”, - said Yanukovych.

“This slogan - uvіkni … … uvіkni - vіknit for yourself Ukraine - this is the slogan promokampanii our country for Euro-2012″, - quotes the president of Internet edition “Ukrainian Truth”.

“To” uvіknuti “Ukraine, just look at her own eyes when they start blooming chestnuts in Kiev. And in the Ukrainian cities begin to undress women. To see this beauty - it is wonderful” - added Mr. Yanukovych.

His last remark about women leading the lunch journalist Christa Frilyand (Ukrainian-born) perceived as politically incorrect.

“Political correctness has not reached Ukraine, but it was still wonderful to hear about the beauty of Ukrainian women,” - said Frilyand.

28 January 2011

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