Crimea may be the island because of the rise in global sea level

Crimean peninsula could become an island due to melting glaciers, which could lead to a rise in sea level, the head of Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Nicholas Kulbida in communicating with the readers of Ukrainian edition of From-Ua. According to him, raising the water level may cause flooding of the lake Siwash and land connections Crimea peninsula with the mainland by Ukraine.

18 August 2010

Students will learn to Ukrainian electronic versions of textbooks
A quarter of Ukrainians want to Russia

• Ukraine stopped the flow of water in Crimea »»»
Ukrainian authorities have blocked the flow of water in the North-Crimean channel in Crimea, claim in the country.
• Ukrainian journalist hoped the bad memory of the Crimean people "should take some time, need to cool emotions, Crimeans have to forget, as the mainland Ukraine cut off their electricity and water and gas" »»»
As Sokolovsky believes, "must undergo some process we have to explain why they should love us, not them and that, in fact, the problem of Ukrainian educators.
• Chemical weapons on the bottom of the Black sea of grass southern coast of Crimea (lain for 70 years under water barrel with a poison threatening the resorts of the peninsula) »»»
Chemical weapons on the bottom of the Black Sea can completely disrupt the holiday season in Crimea.
• Poroshenko said about the settlement of the Crimea inhabitants of Siberia »»»
Russian authorities decided to settle the Crimea came from Siberia, said the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.
• Saakashvili: The blockade of the Crimea - a threat to the authorities, "We have closed the border - then we have the power" »»»
Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration and ex-Georgian President