Payette said there is no evidence of Russian allegations of sabotage in the Crimea

US is not received from Russia evidence that Ukraine is ready to terrorist provocations in Crimea, said US Ambassador to Ukraine Jeffrey Payette.

“The US government has not seen any evidence of Russian charges of” invasion of Crimea “, which Ukraine denies confident”, - wrote Payette on Twitter.

He also noted that the US sanctions related to the Crimea, will remain in place until “Russia will not return the peninsula of Ukraine.”
Recall, the Russian FSB has prevented the night of August 8, two attempts to break the Crimea subversive and terrorist groups, organized by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. In this attempt to break the camouflage massive bombardment from the neighboring state and armored vehicles of the armed forces of Ukraine.

During the fire contact Russian serviceman was killed MO. During the arrest of terrorists who were preparing a diversion in the Crimea on the instructions of the chief of Intelligence Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Russian FSB officer died.

FSB published a video that shows confiscated from Ukrainian commando explosives and weapons; also accompanied by a video operatives arrested after trying to break through to the Crimea.

According to Russian media, the saboteurs planned to undermine the road Simferopol - Yalta during the movement on it tuples leadership of the republic and the federal government.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, talking about trying to break through to the Crimea, undertaken by the subversive and terrorist groups, organized by the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, on the night of August 8, said that Ukraine, rather than to seek a peaceful solution, has moved to the practice of terror.

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko refused to take responsibility for captured terrorists in Crimea. He said that Ukraine condemns terrorism in all its manifestations and rejects the use of any terrorist action against the Crimea.

11 August 2016

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