The stores in Ukraine becomes more and more imported “milk”

The most active Ukraine increases the import of oil, milk and cream

For five months of 5.2 thousand. Tons of dairy products were delivered to Ukraine, which is 13.6% higher than last year’s figures. This was reported analytical service Dykun, transmits Agravery.

Imports of non-condensed milk and cream amounted to 160 tons, which is 45% higher than a year earlier. In value terms, imports increased by 20% - to $ 262 thousand to buy such products mainly from Germany (29,4%) and Belgium (21.37%)..

Deliveries of condensed milk and cream during the reporting period amounted to 400 tons compared to 212 tons a year earlier (+ 88%). At the same time, in monetary terms, imports increased by 62% - to $ 784 million supplier countries were Belarus (56.6%) and Russia (15.84%)..

Import of butter to Ukraine for the period increased in volume to 658 tons compared to 128 tons a year earlier. In monetary terms, oil imports amounted to $ 2.1 million, whereas a year earlier -. $ 563 thousand were imported him from New Zealand (18.33%), Moldova (15.9%) and the Netherlands (15.72%).

At the same time, imports of cheese rose by 20% and amounted to 2.2 thousand. Tons. We bought cheese mainly Poland and Germany. At the same time, the import of serum decreased by 34% - up to 274 tons, and sour milk products by almost a third, to 1.07 tons..

9 June 2016

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