Ukrainian media: the alternative “likes” with Facebook issued bots Avakov

The emergence of alternative social network Facebook “likes-emotions” caused the crash in the programs, cranking the number of marks “I like” and declassified many accounts, among whom was the profile of the head of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov, the newspaper “Vesti”.

After the introduction of alternative ‘reactions, “the posts of Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine received a total of 300 approvals instead of the usual one and a half thousand to a few days ago recruited a couple of hours. Most likely, accounts bots that brought Ukrainian politics most of his “likes”, simply did not have time to respond to the innovation, the newspaper notes.

“Algorithms bots were powerless to Facebook innovation, so these programs are now useless, but that they migrate, you need only two or three days, maybe less.” - Told “Vesti” a member of one of the companies specializing in the promotion in social networks.

25 February 2016

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