Foreign Policy: Ukraine fell into the trap of their own government

Ukraine can not get out of the vicious circle - it is understood that the current government will lead her into the abyss, but it is afraid of his shift, says American edition.

MOSCOW, February 13 - RIA Novosti. The government in Kiev is in no hurry to reform, because he understands that no matter how bad it may cope with their work, the change of the Cabinet will lead to an even greater loss of confidence on the part of Western donors, writes Foreign Policy.


The moral exhaustion of the Ukrainian society has reached a critical level: in a recent survey, 82 percent of respondents said they did not approve of the current study, 70 per cent expressed the same against President Poroshenko. The country’s economy is in a terrible state, entire industries are stagnant, and the hryvnia has continued to fall. Meanwhile, corruption is rampant, and the country’s citizens are helplessly watching how powerful businessmen get rich using the links in the political circles, the newspaper writes.

At this point it became obvious that to rely on the current government no longer possible - leaving it in the same way, Ukrainian citizens will only aggravate the crisis. But at the same time, if Ukraine decides to start from scratch and to initiate a re-election, the situation is unlikely to be better, because Europe is likely to treat them with skepticism. The country can not afford to lose the location of the West, especially now that the IMF is already not particularly willing to apply to the provision of further assistance to Kiev in connection with the intensification of political instability, the author notes.

The support of the Western countries is too important for Ukraine, she decided to take the risk. So, in the near future to wait for change and recovery from the crisis does not make sense - as long as the Ukrainian society is not goodbye, at least, the most corrupt and inconsiderate politicians, the paper concludes.

13 February 2016

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