Ukraine has made Russia to reduce gas prices to $ 220-230

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to reduce gas prices to $ 400 per 1000 cubic meters to 220-230 dollars per 1000 cubic meters of natural gas.

The news sends Ukrainian newspaper “Economic News”. Confirmation of this information is not present at “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, nor “Gazprom”, RIA “Novosti”.

The current price for gas is 400 dollars per 1000 cubic meters of gas, the price is fixed with the discount of $ 100 per 1000 cubic meters.

According to the Ukrainian official, whose name was not disclosed, the deal included the following provisions: the price of gas for Ukraine is reduced to 220-230 dollars per 1000 cubic meters, gas supplies to Ukraine will be able to pay in rubles, they also receive credits. In return, Russian companies receive preference in the privatization of Ukrainian enterprises.

A formal agreement will be signed in late November-early December, the presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

15 November 2011

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