Dismissed employee of special services of Ukraine “leaked” internal data on the Internet

“Drain” organized one of the former heads of departments, which remained out of work after the change of power.

In the Internet were staffing plan operational search activities, job responsibilities of management and other information.

Information with the claim on WikiLeaks in Ukrainian one of the first multiply site of the former press secretary of the SBU management since the “Orange Revolution” Stanislav Rechinskogo. Ukrainian resources to come: a plan of acquisition of operational sources (each employee must lead in the first two quarters of 2011 by two agents, one - and even safe house keeper), staffing and responsibilities of operational staff chief of the “K” management of the SBU in the Kharkiv region (involved in the fight against corruption) with the names and a plan of operational search activities in the same department “K”.

According to “Segodnya.UA” Cases are assigned to the SBU, not only numbers but also “call signs” that the security services are called very creative. For example, the case number 2576, “The Robbers” brought against the policemen who organized criminal group engaged in extortion and case number 2620, “Raccoon” - against the law enforcers, which requires gratitude for the illegal closure of criminal cases and the case number 2589, “Kent” - against the judge spetssuda Kharkiv region, which decides in favor of the “confessions” of plaintiffs.

Who was the author of diversion, now it turns out. Criminal case. According to employees of agencies on condition of anonymity, the culprit is a leaking insider, who lost his job with the arrival of the new government. Stanislav Rechinsky argues that the internal version of the materials it took to file storage. “My function - finding and inform the people. Since these sites have tried everything to remove, and yesterday my site was attacked. I am confident that the electronic versions of documents originally posted in torrents operating officer of the SBU, not a foreign spy. Data from the Department” K ” not available to ordinary operatives SBU, they may use only the chiefs, “- said Rechinsky.

A member of the central apparatus of the SBU on condition of anonymity, described the “Kharkov drain” as a betrayal. “Traitors are in any structure - from police to the SBU … The harm of such a huge publication - in which position the staff member of the SBU, has always been considered classified information, even their relatives and friends of the SBU officer has no right to this report. Information on the structure and positions can be used by criminals - they can put pressure on members of the family member. This is very dangerous for these people - this is a threat to their lives. Traitor found. may be prosecuted journalists who published official information - for divulging state secrets “- said the source.

23 June 2011

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