Among the intercepted diplomatic cables WikiLeaks U.S. agencies have documents relating to Ukraine - in particular, proposals for reforms that need to be held in the country. They show that domestic economic policy of Ukraine is not a sovereign.

Ukrainian source of U.S. Ambassador John Tefft prepare a program of Ukrainian reforms and handed it to the U.S.. USA approved, gave the IMF, which insisted on them as a condition of obtaining credit.

Below is a list of reforms that, according to the suggestions “of the Ukrainian power” the U.S. with the help of the IMF “selling” in Ukraine:

1. Raise the retirement age - two years for men. For three - for women. Destroy the right to early retirement and the custom is the year for two at hazardous facilities.

2. To destroy the institution of special retirement benefits that are given to scientists, civil servants, managers of state enterprises. ”

Limit the pension working pensioners. Set retirement age army officers in 60 years.

3. Raise the price of gas for municipal activities by 50%, twice - for private consumers. Increase the cost of electricity by 40%. Allow pricing utilities. Prevent price increases, according to an increase in gas prices. Increase the excise on petrol by 60 euros.

4. Cancel the benefits and raise taxes on transportation by 50%. Not to raise the living wage, balancing the social situation at the expense of dot subsidies.

5. Privatization of all mines and the elimination of all subsidies. Abolition of all privileges for housing and communal services, transport and others. Abolition of state support of labor, free meals and textbooks.

6. Limit the practice of the simplified taxation. Abolish the VAT exemption in rural areas. Pharmacies and pharmacists will have to pay VAT.

7. Lift the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land. Eliminate subsidies to producers of pork and chicken.

8. Reduction of ministries to 14. Let be a deputy prime minister. …….

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