Bribed an official - a million dollars

Public service employees to combat economic crime exposed two directors of limited liability companies and residents of Kiev, who gave an employee of one of the customs posts over 950 thousand dollars bribe for clearance of goods at inflated prices.

28 May 2010

Ukraine insists on banning beer commercials
Due to the negligence of doctors and pharmacists woman went into cardiac arrest

• Deputy Minister of Environment detained while receiving a bribe of 200 thousand dollars »»»
Deputy head of one of Ukrainian ministries detained while taking a bribe in a large scale.
• Free "Hammer" of the US customs clearance of millions of hryvnia »»»
How much Hummer for the Army? Older Hummers a million hryvnia.
• In Azarov found an error in the gas formula Putin: fair price for Russian gas transit to Europe twice a valid »»»
The Cabinet reported that the Ukrainian government scientists have presented
• Ukraine and Russia agreed on a simplified border crossing. »»»
Intergovernmental Agreement on the procedure for crossing the Ukrainian-Russian state border residents of border regions of Ukraine and Russian Federation signed in Donetsk.
• Ukrainian Defense Ministry has created a special group that provoke military commissars in bribes »»»
Department of Defense has created a special group of tacit validation to discourage bribery during conscription.