Ukraine has banned the import of 38 books by Russian authors

SBU has compiled a list of potentially dangerous books from Russia, which should be banned. It includes dozens of books of various genres from science fiction, political journalism, historical works to journalistic essays and articles.

Following the ban on entry into the country for a number of Russian actors and cultural workers, Kiev has banned import to Ukraine, and several dozen books. The list was compiled of the SBU. According to the Ministry, listed literature dangerous to Ukrainian readers, because, among other things, promotes “an encroachment on the territorial integrity and constitutional order of Ukraine.”

The list consists of 38 books includes works of various genres from the historical review to journalistic notes. For example, banned historical monograph of Andrei Kozlov, “The truth about the Ukrainian Insurgent Army,” a collection of articles the journalist “Russian reporter” Marina Akhmetova “Lessons Ukrainian. From Maidana to the East” and the report of the Russian human rights organization “Group information on crimes against the person” of human rights violations the person on the territory of Ukraine, said the publication.

The list also included the works of the philosopher and writer Alexander Dugin, Sergei Glazyev and Nikolai Starikov and fiction Fedor Berezin.

“I think that our book was banned because the authorities in Ukraine frustrating when touched on the theme of human rights violations during the conflict,” - said the publication of historian Alexander Dyukov, coordinator of the “Group of information on crimes against the person.” He also added that “about crimes against civilians and Western human rights activists say, but the Ukrainian authorities do not dare to forbid.”

Director of the Kiev Center for Political and Conflict Studies Mikhail Pogrebinsky action Kiev authorities “disgrace.”

“Such actions are shameful for a country that wants to become a part of European culture. For Dugin’s books can be treated differently, but what he wrote, can be learned. Now, the same people who write the thesis will not be able to get these books,” - he said he.

At the same time the Ukrainian authorities did not specify what punishment awaits offenders who still provezut forbidden literature across the border. “If we are talking about violation of customs regulations, the punishment becomes an administrative fine. The propaganda of violence, wars and the like - it is a criminal case in relation to who imports these products,” - said the publication of the President of the Association of Ukraine Tatyana mediayuristov Kotyuzhinskaya.

Earlier, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine published the list of people who pose a threat to national security. This list included the economist and broadcaster Michael Khazin, publicist Yegor Kholmogorov writer Vladimir Kucherenko, singers Oleg Gazmanov, Iosif Kobzon, Grigory Leps, Nikolai Rastorguev, Valeria and producer Joseph Prigogine and actors Mikhail Boyarsky, Michael Porechenkov, Sergei Bezrukov Ivan Ohlobystin and Gerard Depardieu.

11 August 2015

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