Five facts about the year of the reign of the caliphate

Twenty-ninth of June last year, Abu Bakr al-Bahdadi head LIH, proclaimed the beginning of the reign of the caliphate in Syria and Iraq. What happened this year?
90 thousand square kilometers of territory
Under the direction of LIH is currently 2.2 million people living in Syria, and about four million people in Iraq. According to experts, LIH controls about 90 thousand square kilometers of territory. In November 2014 LIH said that will be attached to the caliphate in Libya, Egypt, Algeria, Yemen, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Moreover, part of the Caliphate were proclaimed in Nigeria, Niger, Chad and Cameroon, they are guided by Boko Haram.
24 thousand executions
According to the United Nations for one year at the hands of Islamists killed about 24 thousand prisoners of war and civilians. The exact number is not known. Among the most notorious killings - the beheading of foreign journalists and the shocking murder of Jordanian pilots in February this year. In April, in Tikrit was found a mass grave in 1700 Iraqi soldiers who were captured by the Islamists. In Libya, killed dozens of Coptic and Ethiopian Christians.
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12 June 2015

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