Ukrainian farmers to slaughter their pigs ban

The Ukrainian government has banned farmers involved in the sale and procurement of meat, cut their own pigs grown in backyards for personal. From 2015 to slaughter the Ukrainians will have to go to special services.

“We have a commitment in 2015 to stop slaughtering cattle at the courtyard,” - said Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine Mykola Prisyajnyuk. However, these innovations will affect only those who are engaged in the sale and procurement of meat. Citizens who grow pigs for their own consumption, reserve the right to kill the pigs in their farms.

Prices for services services involved in the slaughter of animals, not yet determined. However, experts note, additional costs for slaughter can lead to higher prices for meat products.
It is worth adding that in recent years, Ukraine has faced an unexpected challenge for this country - lack of fat. According to the Ukrainian club of agrarian business, the number of pigs in the second quarter of 2011 decreased by 3.2% compared to last year. Accordingly, production declined and fat. Last year, Ukraine, even went to an increase in imports of the national product.

How to write Dni.Ru, the reason was the shortage of reorientation in pig breeding companies. Ukrainian farms prefer to grow meat and bacon pig breeds, giving no fat, and meat is more expensive. Meanwhile, the fat is necessary for the production of sausages.

27 September 2011

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