Ukrainian language has no future

Ukrainian language has no future. This was during a round table meeting, said the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the historian Peter Tolochko.
“Ukrainian authorities must decide on rod development of the state. After all, at the moment we see no such certainty. The current government, like the previous one, comes in the wake of European ideology. Ukraine fully follows the example of European countries how to live, after all, ostensibly They know what freedom is, “- first the scientist noted.

14 April 2011

New Zealand could become the center ksenoturizma
35 000 UAH - financial aid and 55 000 UAH - on flags - help veterans in Odessa

• Companion Yanukovich, said: "Russia - a cunning and arrogant country, I think that stealing from Ukraine" »»»
People’s Party of Regions MP Vladimir Landik sure that the power of Russia does not want to see Ukraine as a strong state.
• Freedom House sees an analogy in Ukraine and Libya »»»
In Ukraine there are preconditions for an explosion of popular discontent, such as those that occurred recently in the Arab world.
• "They think that the Ukrainians as a species have from time immemorial" »»»
"Romantic interpretation of the territory of Ukraine as a member, we none of us.
• A quarter of Ukrainians want to Russia »»»
Answering the question: “Would you like to see Ukraine as an independent state in 20 years, only 48% of respondents answered positively.
• U.S. offer to abolish EU visas for Ukrainians »»»
Washington openly for the European integration of Ukraine. In this regard, the U.