Steel doors: maintenance

In the operation of a steel door is important to maintain its functionality. There are several simple ways of maintenance, the use of which will extend the use of the front door.

11 February 2011

New Zealand offered to bachelors to win the wife-Ukrainian woman
Much corruption at the customs in Ukraine reached its zenith - a bribe demand hiding behind the name of the President

• In Kiev, the deli owner for four years held in the basement of the four slaves, feeding them food for cats »»»
Their duties include packing flour, sugar and buckwheat. Slaves were kept in sealed door.
• In Khmelnytsky (Ukraine) entrepreneurs staged a revolt and break down the door of Regional State Administration »»»
In Khmelnytsky in protest against the decision of the Tax Code, is attended by about 10,000 entrepreneurs.
• In Ukraine, a year-end disconnect gray mobile phones »»»
Four of the five mobile operators have installed equipment that allows disabled users who use illegal phones, reported yesterday in State center frequencies.
• (It was, were), Russia imposed sanctions against Ukrainian w / w carrier »»»
Ukrreftrans operation of wagons in Russia banned since 30 October.
• Russian language has official status in the Ukrainian Justice »»»
President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich signed the Law of Ukraine “On the Judicial System and Status of Judges adopted by parliament on July 7, 2010.