Ukrainian brigade commander said a transition subordinate to the army Russian

About fifty soldiers of the 10th brigade of the Ukrainian Naval Aviation, who left the Crimea in the spring of 2014 after the reunification of the peninsula to Russia, came back, some of them are now serving in the Russian army. This was told in an interview to “Radio Freedom” the commander of the brigade Igor Bedzay.

“There were 900 people in the team [during the service in the Crimea]. More than 300 came out, but they still 50 then in Ukraine demobilized and returned to Crimea to live. Different people have different circumstances. Both parents and wives in the Crimea remained” - said Bedzay. Among the returnees in the Crimea, on the officer said, were three helicopter crew commander, who during the Crimean spring were able to relocate their machines to the Ukraine, and now serve in the Russian army.

Brigade Commander was of the view that the decision has affected his subordinates that the army of the Russian Federation they were offered higher salaries, pensions and housing. “For many people, it worked on the one hand the uncertainty in power, and on the other -. A strong country, which is one of the best armies in the world Why is there not to serve What is this all my life in poverty will live, if I can.? to perform the same job, but for other money Perhaps they reasoned, “-. he explained.

“If a person lives in a country where he is sure of his future, which knows what tomorrow will wake up and go to work, where he earns money, which will be able to live alone and to feed their children, knows that all people in this country have their rights and duties, then he will cherish his country and if a man all his life was interrupted by from paycheck to paycheck, and know that in this country there are people who can be everything, but there are those who can not be nothing, then he thought. maybe not need to cherish such a country? Can such a country does not need anyone to protect her? Why defend a country that does not ensure the future of your children? ” - He added.

Total service in the Russian Armed Forces have moved approximately 70 per cent of the personnel of the team, said Bedzay.

In turn, the Ukrainian human rights activist Andrei Klimenko, commenting on the interview Bedzaya, said that the service in the Russian army and joined the Navy commander of the flagship frigate Ukraine “Getman Sahaidachny”. Officer Name Klimenko did not name, but probably talking about Captain First Rank Roman Pyatnitskoye, commanded “Sahaidachny” from 2009 to 2014.

March 3rd Ukrainian military prosecutors charged six former military air force of treason and desertion in the spring of 2014 of the country’s armed forces. In August 2015 the prosecutor’s office said it has a list of eight thousand soldiers, who took the side of Russia. Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios then stressed that they will be held accountable. He noted that among the eight thousand, there are those who are on the territory of Crimea.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 on the results of the referendum in which the vast majority of people in the region who voted supported the decision. Kiev continues to believe Peninsula Ukrainian territory. Western countries also do not recognize Crimea part of the Russian Federation. In Moscow, in response to stress that the procedure is annexation of Crimea to Russia abides by international law.

7 March 2016

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