Poroshenko gave Yanukovych Aivazovsky painting for $ 1.8 million

In 2012, the chocolate magnate spoiled Ukrainian President expensive presents.

It turned out that before the events euromaidan Poroshenko not only courted the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, but also tried to buy a high public office, presenting the head of state masterpieces of world art. At least in certain of the former deputy head of the presidential administration of Ukraine Andriy Portnov.

On his page on “Facebook” of ex-officer recalled a case in 2012 Poroshenko gave Yanukovych a birthday picture of the world-famous marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky “Constantinople in the early days.”

Price canvases, created in 1851, one of the world’s oldest auction house Sotheby’s in 2007 amounted to $ 1.8 million. But he Poroshenko, according to Portnov, bought it from an intermediary in Ukraine.

A bit of art.
Today Head of the Main Investigation Department of the Security Service of Ukraine # # time the president Vasily Vovk Poroshenko on his page on FB recalled that Peter A. flew on birthdays to Yanukovych.

And that I dipped into some historical digression. How could I forget that in 2010-2013 Petro Poroshenko, humbly bowed in thanksgiving and servility, systematic graciously congratulated, usurp the power of the former President’s birthday.

Ukrainian political elite knows that at that moment Peter A. was a minister, but I wanted to be, or the mayor of Kiev and some even more important chief.

Therefore, bowing at the receiver close to the former President of the officials, the candidate showed skill and bureaucratic flattery and invaluable experience of walking on bent legs.

A gift in 2012 Poroshenko gave Yanukovich a regular …

But I think that when combining the post of Minister of Economy and businessman, it has paid off Peter Alekseevich quickly.

Posted by Andrei Portnov on September 14, 2015

Add ex-president of Ukraine does have a reputation for a connoisseur of antique paintings of great masters. Once a politician was forced to leave the country and his residence in Mezhyhiria became available to visit for everyone, Ukrainian journalists have reported that with my own eyes seen on the walls of the forest landscape paintings by Aivazovsky and Shishkin. Some critics have argued that the video taken the first visitors Mezhyhirya flashed the work of Pablo Picasso, Hieronymus Bosch and Rembrandt.

15 September 2015

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