Ukraine “forgive” his debt to Russia

Ukraine unilaterally renounced the return of Russian debt[/t:[t:tag slug=dolgov]debt to $ 3 billion. At the disposal of the Government dated April 4, noted that the list of debt to be restructured, including treasury Russia in late 2013 Eurobonds Ukraine.

According, the Ukrainian government clarified that the list submitted by the Ministry of Finance proposal of a financial adviser Lazard Freres SAS. Kiev hopes to reach an agreement on restructuring the debt until June to timely get the second tranche from the IMF.

Restructuring of public debt - is the renegotiation of the debt service. In general terms, the restructuring is relevant when there is a threat of bankruptcy of the borrower, that is, its inability to redeem the debentures in accordance with the original terms of its provision, said the Latvian portal.

13 April 2015

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