In Ukraine, are going to legalize payment for participation in meetings

Fees for participation in the meetings should legalize and tax. So say the deputies of all factions who put their signatures under the draft Law “On Taxation and the monetization of social and political activity of citizens.” On that such a bill is filed for registration with the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada, the “Observer” reported its sources in the parliament.

The names of the authors of the source we did not name, saying only that the project put the hands of representatives of all factions.

The project set hourly and daily rate of pay for the rally participants. Defined as allowances for bad weather conditions, overtime and night work.

A separate article defines the principles of tax protesters. Paid participation in the rallies possible on the basis of a contract or a public firm offer, by mutual consent of the participants. The authors propose the project to oblige the organizers of the rallies in the calculations fail to rally participants to use the cash registers.

To organize the scope of public events will be held the licensing rights to engage in mass actions. The first licenses will be issued free of parliamentary political parties. The parties have no representation in Parliament, will have to pay the license fee of $ 500 untaxed minimum incomes of citizens. Community organizations will be limited in frequency and number of shares held by the mass. for violation of public order during mass events, and party organization will be denied a license.

Mass actions without pay Parties Bill proposes to ban.

1 April 2012

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